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build modern. build green.

We've posted over 500 entries on this blog, so getting to the meat of things can be a bit of a challenge. This page lists what we think are the most useful posts for someone considering to build a modern house. Note that we've listed the posts beneath each header sequentially. Later posts may be informed by greater experience...

Please feel free to make suggestions if you feel we've missed something.

what is modern?

Glad you asked!
did modern come from mud?

modern masters

modern mavens
haiku for the book "towards a new architecture" by le corbusier
haiku for the book "in the cause of architecture" by frank lloyd wright

haiku for the book "Modern Architecture: Romanticism and Reintegration" by Henry-Russell Hitchcock

usonian architecture
haiku for the book "gropius" by paul sigel
haiku for the book "schindler" by james steele
de stijl architecture
women in early modern design

what is green?

green by design
the windows are the windows to your soul
getting hot and bothered about geothermal
i'll huff and i'll puff and i'll blow your wall down!
the foam ranger
the SEERing truth
in hot water?
does it make watersense?
50 shades of grey(water)
rain, rain, come this way...
here comes the rain(water harvesting yet) again
almost collecting the sun
solar powered
wicking garden
let there be (LED) light

purchasing land/lots

dirty deeds (done dirt cheap)
dirty deeds (done dirt cheap) part II
does the lot vet out?
if the house don't fit, you must acquit


dollars and sense: part 1 of 4: your finances
dollars and sense: part 2 of 4: what you can build
dollars and sense: part 3 of 4: what your location will support
(de)construction loan
getting paid

resources (we highly recommend these books)

haiku for the book "building your own home for dummies"
haiku for the book "think like an architect" by hal box
haiku for the book "the architect's guide to residential design" by michael malone

cost to build

how much does it cost to build?
general contractors (and pounds of flesh)
how much does it cost to build? (part deux)

working with architects

hiring an architect
hiring an architect II
and so it begins again...
precedents day
haiku for the book "the architect's guide to residential design" by michael malone


keeping organized when the world's gone wild
neighbor and neighborhood management

post audit

a year in review (what's good and what could have been better...)
howz that energy efficiency coming?
power usage
how low can you go? spousal experiments in water conservation

our story

the back story
there's a lot to love!
a lot of camping
get with the program
haus v. 1.00: sandcrawler/walker
scheme j
honey: who shrunk the house?
back to the drawing board...
onward through the fog
and so it begins again...
adjacency and massing
scheming for some 1
onward with plan b!
floorplan evolving
architect's estimate v. builder's estimate: showdown in the is-the-project-budget-OK corral
a chat with the builder
exercises for writing checks
architectural update
landscaping, take 1
LEGOhaus: complete!
hard bid 1.0
(de)construction loan
the closer
the ground breakith
pre-construction meeting
when it doesn't rain, it pours!
ch-ch-ch-change orders
framing almost done
we have walls!
stuck on stucco
stucco done
finalizing the landscape
(envelope please) and the architect is...
the eaves (and tiles) of march
week 34: paint, grout, seals, and sills
week 37: fencing and fixtures and speakers, oh my!
let there be light!
night moves
moving week
and we're in!
does the cat approve?
punch party!

architectural travels

sante fe: cubist heaven
the fir tree (Pecos, New Mexico)
mmmm Marfa: I cube you
urban inspiration: less is more in las vegas!
dancing with architecture: dallas
dancing with architecture: fort worth
dancing with architecture: pecos, texas
los ángeles
  lost in los angeles
  hairy gehry
  irving gill
  schindler's mackey apartments
  schindler's house
  schindler's fitzpatrick-leland house
  frank lloyd wright
  richard neutra
  shades of schindler
  richard meier
  misc. masters
dancing with architecture: seattle
dancing with architecture: fredricksburg, texas
dancing with architecture: san antonio
dancing with architecture: charleston, south carolina
dancing with architecture: corpus christi
dancing with architecture: iceland
dancing with architecture: marfa, texas
dancing with architecture: phoenix, scottsdale, tempe, and paradise valley
a neutra in texas
the first international style building in texas?
dancing with architecture: lubbock

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