week 31: the eaves (and tiles) of march

We've been out of town the past several days, so we approached the house today with great anticipation, and we were not disappointed: The eaves are in! The eaves are in! And they looking stunning!


It appears that they decided that the un-V-grooved sides of the boards were good enough to be facing outwards, and thank goodness: Not sure the V-grooves would look as good as this. Wow wow wow!

We decided to upgrade the eaves beneath the overhangs above the back door and master bedroom door. It was a wise decision: Really ties the front part of the house with the back part:

We can now see the blurring of inside and outside that occurs via the ceiling (and you can see the art wall covered in the same material):

Nice! We had originally thought about using blue-stained pine for the art wall, but because it was going to be a pain to get and might not look good (got to be careful when mixing woods...), we went with cypress. A wise choice since it clearly ties the ceiling and wall together.

The bride noted that the cypress nicely compliments the limestone. Yep.

That is pretty sweet. 

It didn't look like the wood had been sealed yet, so that will darken it up tad. But holy cow does that wood complete the house. 


And the tile has started to go in! 

The bummer on the tile is that, when asked about how to arrange it, I said "running" (as they are placed above) when I meant "stacked" (like the limestone on the front of the house), a doubly stupid mistake since the builder said "Do you want running? Or do you want stacked like the limestone on the front of the house?" That'll teach me to be answering questions when multi-tasking at a hearing... Nonetheless, it looks good (just don't tell anyone about the booboo...). 


And here are some shots of the eyebrows with a better camera. They are pretty cool.


And the mirrors for the powder pooper came. They're pretty nice!

coming up

Bookcases in living room: They were putting them in when we stopped by the house earlier today.

Finishing the drywall: Doesn't look like much happened with the drywall this past week, so they need to get after it.

Painting: If the drywall gets done, then the walls and ceiling will get painted. I'll be surprised if this happens this week...

Cabinets: The cabinets are here and ready to go in, but apparently need to wait for the drywall and painting to get done, so we shall see...

Landscaping: The builder hopes to start this week on the fencing. Need to also start work on the horno pad since the horno is on its way...


  1. Oh, I meant to tell you last week -- the eaves were in. Looks like you figured that out for yourself. I agree that it looks mucho fantastico.

    Your blog's font pushes the "r" and the "n" in "horno" together. Which is fine -- I don't judge -- but thought I'd mention it.