Lost in Los Angeles: Shades of Schindler

Saw a heaping serving of Schindlers whilst hooping and dooping about town. High on my list of must sees was the Buck House (1934):  

The How House (1925):

The Oliver House (1934):

Lovell Beach House (1926): Got to chat a (very) wee bit with the owner (me: What's it like living in a Schindler? she: I don't know: This is the only one I know.)

Bethlehem Baptist Church (1944):

McAlmon House (1935):

The Wilson House (1938):

Falk Apartments (1939):

Sachs Apartments (1926 and 1940):

Yates Studio (1938, 1947):

Bubesko Apartments (1938 and 1941):

The Elliot House (1930):

Skolnik House (1952):

De Keyser Duplex (1935):

Tucker House (1950):

Tischler House (1950):

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