modern outdoor bibs/faucets/spigots/fountains/hydrants

Hee, hee: bibs! That's what they call outdoor faucets (also called spigots [also called fountains {also called hydrants}])!

We have a couple prominently displayed bibs about the house and garage. Here's what we have at the moment on the carport:

ummm: yuck.

Outdoor faucets seem to be a no man's land for modern design. It's hard to get past the standard outdoor faucet:

Not to mention the awkward pipe-sticking-too-far-out-from-the-wall-syndrome. Hmmmm...

There are a number of decorative outdoor faucet bibs:

And then there's this one:

Who in the world would possibly want a bunny faucet?!?!!? If you're out there, I'd like to meet you...

Yes, there are many types of outdoor spigots out there, but not many of a modern bent.

This one by Woodford is a wee bit better than the standards:

It comes in chrome for (gulp) $161.

This one is rather modern, the Locko Outdoor Faucet:

It doesn't appear to be in production. Furthermore, it's German, which means it's (probably) metric.

Here's a commercial style "hydrant":

Although I doubt this can be installed at this point...

This by Rubine one ain't perfect, but it's better than most:

As far as choices go, I really like this one, also by Rubine:

but it's for sale out of Malaysia (for a grand total of $16.47!). I found the previous faucet by Rubine via Ebay.

This one is cool, too, but where do you hook your hose?

Here's one for your washing machine (didn;t think about a modern fixture for the washing machine!) or outdoor garden hose:

and here's a double:

and there's this one:

Can you say "come to papa"? Not clear if we could hook a hose to it... Unclear where to get it, as well. The site appears to be for a Russian manufacturer. (sigh...) But, we may be able to order from here!


  1. Previous owner of my house put in one of the swing handle ones. Don't know if that's what it's called. It looks pretty modern and had the added feature of being much easier to use than a standard handle.

  2. These things are in that class of home things that get tagged on at the end.

    Garage Door openers are another example of ugly.

    1. ah man, hadn't thought about the garage door opener. Now I'm not going to sleep tonight...

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