the miserable truth of Mies van der Rohe

As promised from my review of Mies van der Rohe by Claire Zimmerman: Some of Mies' key projects.

[Side note: I'm getting a lot of hits on this post, probably because the post title includes the words "miserable truth". I used the words "miserable truth" because of the roots of his name (mies ~ miserable, rohe ~ truth) and because some (I'm not one of them...) consider modern architecture (of which "truth" and "honesty" is important) miserable. Enjoy!]

The first date is the design date; the second date is the construction completion date.

These first five are from Mies' "Five Projects" period, none of them built.

1921: Friedrichstrasse (unbuilt)

1922: Glass Skyscraper (unbuilt)

1923: Concrete office building (unbuilt)

1923: Concrete country house (unbuilt)

1924: Brick country house (unbuilt) The floorplan is iconic in architectural circles.

1925-1927: Wolf House 

1925-1927: The Dwelling (Stuttgart, Germany)

1927-1930: Lange and Esters Houses (Krefield, Germany)

1928-1930: Tugendhat House (Brno, Czech Republic)

1928-1929: Barcelona Pavilion (Barcelona, Spain)

1945-1951: Farnsworth House (Plano, Illinois)

1954-1958: Seagram Building (New York, New York)

1962-1968: New National Gallery (Berlin, Germany)

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