week 34: paint, grout, seals, and sills

Ahhhhh: Week 34. Paint, seals, and sills; paint, seals, and sills...

more cabinet details

But first, here are some more cabinet details! Here are a couple closeups of the pulls:

Dig how the pulls, little mini-cantilevers, fit the gestalt of the project. Yum.

Here's a liquor pull in the buds and suds room:

As well as deep drawers for whiskey bottles:

And, bonus, you get a peak at the drawer construction.

Into the kitchen, this pull out is to the left of the stove, intended for stove stuff:

Here's the trash can pull, to the right of the kitchen sink:

And the puller outer for the recyclables to the right of the fridge:

The covered uppers in the kitchen have big ole hinges. Fortunately, the bride can reach them.

cypress be sealed!

The paint crew not only paints but seals, and they sealed the indoor and outdoor cypress. And it looks sharp! The sealant only darkened the wood a wee bit, and it added a shine. 

They also painted and sealed the living room built-ins:

And all of that wood works together well:


We stopped by last week to show the bride the cabinets, but she couldn't see the cabinets because everything was covered for painting. However, all was good by Sunday afternoon, and we could behold both the cabinets and the painting. 

Scandinavians would feel at home in the house about now.


And the sills are in! Unfortunately, the memo was lost on not wanting "side ears" on the sills, but it's not the end of the world. The upstairs sills are hickory; the downstairs are white oak. Seeing how awesome the hickory is, we're thinking we should have gone hickory everywheres. Again: not the end of the world.

Hickory in one of the upstairs bedrooms.

Oak in the master bedroom.

Hickory in one of the upstairs bedrooms.

Hickory in one of the upstairs bedrooms.

Oak in the powder pooper.

no doubt; grout.

The limestone on the front of the house now has grout, and it looks good. Love seeing the lines...


...the house looks great! The builder asked about putting it on a tour. Says he's never built a house that's had so many people stop by to ask about it. Now he prolly says that to all the girls, but we certainly get a lot of inquiries when we're at the house. Could just be the location...

coming up

There're are various glitches and booboos in the drywall and paint that need to be addressed. The builder says that he saves the final touchup work until the end when most everything is done. Various trades that still need to come in will invariably knick things up (I believe that).


  1. A thought: could you parlay the snafu with the sill ears into an opportunity to swap out the downstairs sills for hickory?

  2. I was thinking back to our many discussions about the aesthetics of the small, often utilitarian, items when we built our house.

    One that I think you have not mentioned so far is smoke detectors, so just in case I trust that you are aware of these.

    1. aahhh yes: And those we are getting! Important to specify the double gang boxes for those... I trust you are happy with them.