week 37: fencing and fixtures and speakers, oh my!

Fixtures and fencing! (and a shower door!)

don't fence me in

The side fences are (almost) all the way in. We went with Hardie for the front part of the fence and treated for the remaining parts. The Hardie will be painted the gray on the house and the treated will be stained gray. It didn't go in exactly as planned, but it'll work...


Our lighting fixtures are going in, and they look awesome! Neat to see the house starting to look actually finished.

Fan in the master bedroom:

Bedside sconces in the master:

Ceiling fan in the living room:

Dining room chandelier (we kept the crystal to install ourselves later...):

The Guggenheim-ish ceiling fan in the guest room upstairs:

The recessed smoke detectors:

The amoeba-ish light over the kitchen sink:

The PH5 in the front entry:

 The ceiling fan in the office (which is going to need a shorter down-pole...):

The outdoor plug covers (we have better ones but we'll need to replace the plugs):

speakers of the house

I spent a few hours yesterday working on the low-voltage stuff (the stuff that's "mine", not being handled by the builder). This included installing the ceiling speakers (not installing the wall speakers until move-in: too easy to steal):

shower door

And the shower door is now installed:

punch list

- countertops
- guest bathroom tile
- master bathroom tile
- plumbing fixtures
- lighting fixtures (partial)
- plugs (partial)
- switches (partial)
- speakers (us) (partial)
- security plug covers (us) 
- wifi stations (us)
- living room plug covers (us)
- master bathroom shelves
- guest bathroom shelves
- closet poles
- appliances
- gas (partial)
- power
- wood floor
- polish floor
- drywall touchup
- paint touchup
- master bathroom mirror
- guest bathroom mirror
- powder mirror
- kitchen sills
- range hood
- range hood cover
- living room floor plug covers
- railing for stairwell
- railing for balcony
- doorbell chime

outside house:
- outside lighting fixtures
- outside plugs (partial)
- cable
- roof over limestone/bookcase bump
- outdoor spigots
- solar (us)
- rainwater (us)
- gutters
- water heater
- doorbell
- garage door
- gutters
- touchup eyebrows
- clean roof

- gate
- fancy fence (partial)
- not-so-fancy fence (partial)
- back fence
- plant trees
- pavers
- grasscrete
- grass for grasscrete
- grass
- mulch
- stone
- horno base
- horno
- walls
- wall light and address numbers
- mailbox (us)
- feathergrass in driveway holes (us)


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  2. Regarding the use of Hardie for fencing. I designed our fence to optimize the use of 12 ft Hardie planks, of different widths. So I had posts put in every 6 ft.

    I then decided that 6ft spanning left the Hardie planks too vulnerable as this material can break if leaned into at center. So I then retrofitted "stiffeners" at the 3ft points.

    1. Smart on both accounts: (1) you really don't want to have to cut Hardie and (2) Hardie siding is wobbly unsupported. Our installer chose 5' 8" spacing (not clear why). I'll keep as eye on the wobble: May have to do that later.

    2. How do your stiffeners work? I need to get stiff...

  3. Had to catch up on da blog, and am really amazed by the progress that's been made. I hope that even when it's declared "Done!" you will keep posting on how you are doing - moving furniture around, the landscaping, first BBQ, etc., and what it's like to live in a new place (get to know all the nooks and crannies). My fave: the blue amoeba - GORGEOUS!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Sara! Good idea on continued blogging after the house is "Done!" Will do!

      Yes, we love the blue ameba. Prolly the coolest light in the house!