grassing the pervious driveway

 When we first installed the driveway, we seeded it with the Lady Bird mix. However, it just didn't take well with spindly Buffalo Grass that always seemed to look halfdead. We used Zoysia in a couple other places in the yard, and it has performed fantastic: looking totally bueno with no watering outside of first establishing it and no mowing (the Lady Bird required mowing). So we finally tore out the Lady Bird and replaced it with Zoysia. First, we smothered it with plastic tarps to kill the existing "turf" for about three months (probably overkill, but that Buffalo is like the zombie of grasses...) and then used Fertile Grounds Gardens (woman-owned green gardeners) to prep and install.

Hoo-boy, does it look fantastic! We are still watering it in (and using city water to do it because we don't have enough rainwater) but should be done in about a week. This is one of those things that we pinch ourselves and ask: Why didn't we do this sooner?


right after installation on November 1st

foundation 5

 The block is going in! Can get a sense of the view onto the National Forest off the back two sides of the property.


foundation qua


Concrete block delivered and to be installed over the next couple of weeks.


cabin: foundation twee


Footings poured! Can start to see what the views will be like with the cabin at an angle to the lot: trees, trees, trees!