dancing with architecture: meow wolf in santa fe, new mexico

Meow Wolf, named after the proprietors pulled random words out of a hat, is difficult to describe. On the one hand, it's a giant immersive art installation inside a former bowling alley. On the other hand, it's something of an amusement park and explorer builder for kids. On yet another hand, it's a music venue. On yet another hand, it's a mystery (wrapped in an enigma [sorry...]). Whatever it is, it's worth a visit.

Started in 2008, the core of the project is the House of Eternal Return, a full-scale house with hidden passages and mysterious letters and clues strewn about. Since we went around Thanksgiving, it was an absolute madhouse, so we didn't spend time with the mystery, resolving to return at a future date to investigate.

There are some architectural oddities and visual tricks among the installations.