dancing with architecture: Lubbock

There's not much to write home about on Lubbock architecture. However, Lubbock did make an appearance in this article about the top 13 buildings to see in Texas in 2013 (although I couldn't find it...). Whilst surfing the interwebs for info on Lubbock architectural sites, I came across this blog post about a wee little development of mid-century modern homes in Lubbock and ventured over for a good gawk.

Indeed, there are a few blocks of mid-cent homes, several of which are fixed up beautifully but most of which have lived hard.

Many of the homes have been modified to make them more "homey", or like more standard views of what a house should look like.

OMG! Are those shutters!!!

Oh my...

The most interesting of the bunch are two that don't seem to have been part of the official development but wanted to stay close:

And I absolutely fell in love with this one at 47th and Akon, which had recently been sold:

Can't find anything online about the house, but similar places in the hood recently sold for (say what?) $75,000!!!

Those expansive plains beg for long horizontal houses. Yes they do.

Also found some cool graffiti and a neat mural.

And a speck of Streamline Moderne.

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