cabin: framing one

The framing is starting to go in! The lower floor is framed (with the 3,000 gallon rainwater tank installed). By this time, the floor is sheathed and they've started framing the upper floor. The lower floor will be stained concrete while the upper floor will be slate: 














cabin: foundation done!


The foundation is done! The concrete blocks have been laid, the concrete floors poured, and the pooperpumper installed.

We were in Las Cruces (technically Mesilla) for Thanksgiving and, after out Thanksgiving meal, rolled the 1.5 hours to Cloudcroft to gawk at the site ourselves for about the last 15 minutes of daylight before hi-tailing back to Mesilla. 

Nothing beats seeing stuff in person. The foundation looks small (to me) in photographs, but seems HUGE in person. It's also terribly exciting to see the view and imagine sitting on the patio while a breeze tickles the pines. As The Bride says, it's going to kill us to not be out here all the time once it's finished.

We needed the pooperpumper since the lower floor is below the city's sewer line.

There's a little bit of construction improv in that the foundation and block extend under the master suite and laundry room, not envisioned on the plans. This is a good change imho in that it provides a better foundation for that part of the house and creates more storage space under the house, albeit unconditioned.

We've also been chosing toilets, plugs and switches, concrete stain, and the front door. We are in the process of choosing slate flooring, which is a challenge.

This next week they start framing. I'm going to have to roll or fly out there to see what that looks like, especially from inside the house.