go east old man, go east!

The tour book.

Every year some good folks in Austin put on the EAST tour, a two-weekend open house tour of artists' studios and homes east of I-35. It's a thoroughly enjoyable affair with lots of art and creativity and, as a major side benefit, a lot of creative street art. I don't have many photos of artists' work here cause, you know, sometimes folks get wiggypiggy about people taking photos of their work. But I have lots of shots of street art.

We focused this year on the downtown area (there are an insane number of stops on this tour...).

There's a lot more to the north!

One of stops was the new offices of Element 5 Architecture, now located on the east side in a mixed-use development. One of their clients is an artist, so she occupied the space. Unfortunately none of the architects were there, but their new digs are quite nice (and one of 'em has a photo of our house pegged on the wall over their desk). 

We bumped into several friends, including the fine folks that run the newly opened The Lion's Nest, a gallery/gift shop/print shop that also carries works by our pals The Amazing Hancock Brothers. 

And we ended the day at one of our favorite places in Austin, Justine's, an amazing (and pleasantly) bizarre) French restaurant amidst a run-down collection of warehouses (that are still warehouses).