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I'm starting a new series of brief this-is-what-you-need-to-know posts called Modern Mavens with an emphasis on the big names in historical modernism. I see five primary categories: (1) protoModernists, (2) Modernists, (3) Afterwavers, (4) The Suckfest Called Postmodernism, and (5) mod modern Modernists. Below is a living list (in other words, the names will change with time and I will hotlink names to posts as I write 'em up) of who I plan to cover in this series. I'm looking at key folks, but if you think I've left someone out (and I know I have...), please let me know! I plan to also repost this page as a tab.


These are the folks who set the stage for Modernism, either through theory and/or actual structures, but didn't actually build true Modern in these earliest of days. Although the roots of inspiration for Modernism go deeper than this, I stayed within the most-recent rich topsoil of 1890 through 1920.

Louis Sullivan (key work: 1882-1896)
Otto Wagner (key work: 1896-1913)
Peter Behrens (key work: 1907-1912)
Irving Gill (key work: 1907-1919)
Adolf Loos (key work: 1910)
Antonio Sant'Elia (key work: 1914)

Josef Hoffman
Konstantin Melnikov
Erich Mendelsohn 1.0
Frank Lloyd Wright 1.0


These are the folks who truly started the new architecture. In my estimation, Modernism started during the roaring 20s.

Alvar Aalto
Marcel Breuer
Le Corbusier
Eileen Gray
Walter Gropius
Erich Mendelsohn 2.0
Farkas Molnรกr
Richard Neutra
J.J.P. Oud
Charlotte Perriand
Lilly Reich
Gerritt Reitveld
R.M. Schindler
Robert Mallet Stevens
Bruno Taut
Mies van der Rohe


These are folks that came to prominence after the roaring 1920s up through 1950.

Gregory Ain
Charles and Ray Eames
Craig Ellwood
Bruce Goff
Harwell Hamilton Harris
Philip Johnson 1.0
Louis Kahn
John Lautner
William Lescaze
Eero Saarinen
Raphael Soriano
Lloyd Wright
Frank Lloyd Wright 2.0

The Suckfest Called Postmodernism

I'm not sure I can bear to write about more than these three yahoos...

Michael Graves 2.0
Philip Johnson 2.0
Robert Venturi

modern Modernists

Today's (more) prominent practitioners since 1950.

Tandao Ando
Herzog and de Meuron
Richard Meier
The New York Five neoModernists
    - Peter Eisenman
    - Michael Graves 1.0
    - Charles Gwathmey
    - John Hejduk
    - Richard Meier
    - I.M. Pei

neoExpressionists (or neoWhatTheHellists) confused with Modernism:
    - Santiago Calatrava
    - Frank Gehry 2.0
    - Zaha Hadid
     -Rem Koolhaas
     - Renzo Piano

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