(almost...) Collecting the sun!

The solar installers came this week and began installing solar panels and associated electrical connections. The above photo is after an afternoon or so of work installing solar panel support structures. Because the roof is clad with standing seam galvalume, it's relatively simple to install the supports by clamping them to the standing seams:

The next morning the installers came out and installed the panels themselves and left behind the inverter for the electrician:

And then either Thursday or Friday the electrician came out and connected the system into our electric box:

You might have noticed that there isn't an electric meter yet: The solar company is waiting for a city inspection (and subsequent meter) before we go live. Yippee!

All in all a nice and clean install. Can't wait to start actually collecting sunlight!

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  1. Finally! I'm glad to hear that the solar installers were finally delivered. I bet you were ecstatic to have them finally installed. I'm sure the electrician was impressed to see you installing solar panels. Hahaha! Glad to see everyone did a great job in installing that. Keep us updated! All the best to you! :)

    Eleanor Roy @ Douthit Electrical