LEGOhaus update

Hopefully this isn't a bad omen, but when I ordered the LEGO bits to build a scale model of our house, LEGO Corp included a free gift: The LEGO version of The Incredible Hulk! When I got notice last week that my LEGO shipment had been made from Mississippi, I got excited that perhaps the LEGO bits would arrive before Memorial Day weekend and that I would have something else to do besides drinking beer. I was bummed when the shipment didn't arrive and then confused when I received notice that another shipment had left Poland (this LEGO bidness is internationally complicated...). So when the angry green man arrived today from Mississippi, it suddenly all made sense.

Maybe he's angry because he's here and his house ain't?

The paperwork with this little guy noted that this was a 10 dollar value. Four pieces, ten dollars. That gives you a sense of how expensive LEGOs are, now doesn't it?

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