latest unhealthy design fixation: house numbers

Whilst street-gawking at R.M. Schindler's Buck House last week, we admired the abstractified house numbers he (presumably) made for the garage apartment:

Note how he "found" the circle motif in each of the numbers (5 9 5 8) and kept the circle the same for each number. Cool! That led to the realization: We can do something similar for our house!

We've decided on getting our house numbers from Modern House Numbers in the SoCal (surprise, surprise...) style:

Note that we (6909) have a built-in circle motif, except that the standard zero is pretty big. What if we could do this:
That is, change the big zero to a zero the size of the circle on the 6 and 9? Pretty cool! As an accidental bonus, there's a slight rhythm with the down-up, down-up order of the circles. Sweet!

Modern House Numbers is a mom-and-pop shop that does some custom work, so perhaps we could get them to work up a zero the size of the circles on the 6s and 9s. If not, perhaps we can buy a 6 (or a 9) and hack off the offending protrusion. Where there's an unhealthy fixation, there's a way...


  1. The search for house numbers. I remember it well. Second only to water heaters. And maybe mailboxes. (Have you gotten to mailboxes yet?) I definitely like your SoCals. Where are they going to go? That was another big decision. (So many!)

    1. Haven't gotten to where yet. Thinking of one of the de Stijl walls toward the front (the one that comes off of the front parking area.

      Mailbox... Had a slight panic attack this past weekend thinking about where (o where) a mailbox would go...