toes in the turf (de Habi)

We stopped out at the Wildflower Center to see how the Habiturf was doing. It was near closing time and hovering at 100 degrees, so we confirmed with staff that we could still march out the gardens to get in a gawking. They said "Yes!" and, not only that, gave us directions to go gawk at their test plots. So a gawking we went.

In the demo garden, the bride and I cavorted about barefoot (thank goodness no one was there...) in the turf de Habi. She's in love with it. It's not as refined and green as San Augustine, but it seems to be doing quite well with limited to no watering. I really wanted to see what it looked like all growd out since my preference would be to grow it out and mow as little as possible.

After a brutal hike in the open sun and several false turns, we found the test plots. There wasn't enough info to tell what exactly was going on (i.e., how much watering was occurring on the different plots), but they're also testing mow height, so it gave us a chance to see what the grass looks like at different heights. Looks pretty good, actually. And it looks the best all growd out. I think we're sold!

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