Sun City, here we come!

The bride's mom (my ma-in-law) stopped in for a visit from New Mexico this past weekend. We usually roast green chiles over Labor Day weekend but, without a proper house and grill, passed on the party this year (we're planning a house warming party in 2013 to coincide with green chile roasting...). Now that mom is (sadly) running solo, she may be thinking about her options, and it may not include staying on her 10-acre farm in the Rio Grande valley. To give her an option, we took her up to see Sun City, Georgetown.

My mom (the bride's ma-in-law) lives in a similar place outside of Charleston, South Carolina, and she really likes it (she called while we were touring and chatted with other mom). The houses, although not exactly inspiring architecture, are modern on the inside, three-star green, and low maintenance. Plus, she would be "just up the street".

The sales nudge is kinda interesting. They have an office and then, right next door, full scale models of the homes they offer. We tromped through 9 or 10 (or maybe 11) of these models (I can't remember how many...), which (generally) started with smaller, lower priced homes and eked up from there.

There were three that she (and we) liked over the others. Common features of the ones we liked included open living areas between the dining, living, and kitchen; lack of a formal dining rooms; and efficient floor plans. Some of the "transitional" floor plans (the plans between the more efficient plans) seemingly seemed to struggle with what to do with the extra space. The ceiling kick-up from eight feet to nine feet made a big difference, especially when the open spaces became vaster.

Although we weren't expecting or intending to get anything out of the trip except perhaps mom/mom-in-law moving up the way, we were able to get a much better sense of how big our master closet and master bedroom will be. The bride has been worried about the closet and I've been worried about the bedroom. In both cases, we saw rooms the same size as ours. And they will be plenty big (the bride big-smiled when I said "This is our closet").

What really captures my imagination are the golf carts. As I tell my momma: When you start dating again, date a dude with a stretch golf cart. I think it'd be fun to roll around in a golf cart (maybe it's the allure of electric drive, I don't know...). Anyway, some samples below. My fave: The Batmocart.

Mom seemed interested in a house up there. Perhaps she won't have to drive so far next year to the chile roasting party...

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