mad for a pad

The rains postponed the pour for the house (the guys did the garage on Tuesday), but, on the good side, it allowed us to get out and savor the work thus far (and get some good photos with everything all blue with the vapor barrier). Before the pour, the architects have to sign off on the work, the engineer has to sign off on the work, and the city has to sign off on the work. We have no idea what we are looking at, but it looks good (the bride thought the foundation was ready for an earthquake). As the bride says "[insert first name of builder] doesn't [insert appropriate epithet] around."

The builder came out and had his crew clean things up on Friday in preparation for the pour. They also started work on the footing for the "privacy wall" out in front of the house.

The only question I can think of asking is: Donde esta la conduit for the outside wiring (for the light out front and for the power to the tub [and stage]). Maybe that's all getting done from the box...

As always, every week we update the "time lapse" photos under the tab above to show a lo-fi time lapse of progress.


  1. I hope tomorrow is a go. Not to get all metaphorical, but they say the slab is, like, the foundation of a house.

    1. I also hear that pouring a slab cements a relationship. And when it rains, it doesn't pour (wish'd I had thought of that one when I posted this post!)