coolhaus ice cream sandwiches

Started by a young architect struggling with today's economy and with a name inspired by Rem Koolhaas and Bauhaus, Coolhaus peddles ice cream sandwiches in various cities across the country, including Austin (and Dallas!). Given it's architectural namesake and our love of trailer food and ice cream, we couldn't resist checking it out.

Coolhausers pitch their wares as deconstructed houses made out of cookies and ice cream. I'll buy that (literally!). The bigger trucks include portraits of various starchitects and famous buildings (but Austin's truck is too she-ort!). Daily secret words (the name of certain architects) buy you discounts. Some of the sammies have architect-inspired names: i.m.pei-nut butter, orange julius schulman, mintimalism, frank behry (pronounced berry), louis khantaloupe, tea-dao ando, and mies vanilla rohe. But note that flavors rotate (only the i.m. pei architect sammich was available when we visited). 

I like to eat crazy stuff, so I opted for the fried chicken & waffles ice cream (seriously!) sammiched between potato chip and butterscotch cookies with the whole mess wrapped in edible paper (which I ate). Even without the architecturally themed ice cream, that was one fine ice cream sandwich! 

After facebooking my culinary conquest, a friend yelped: "Dude! That's disgusting!" My reply "Dude! Seriously! It wasn't that fowl!"

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