fixtures: dining room

The architect has asked us to think about fixtures, so here we go! My bride has been fixated on having a linear chandelier over the dining room table. The perfect we-just-won-the-lottery choice would be this one called Cellula at Design Within Reach:

Very purdy but very expensive at (choke, choke) $2,730. 

James R. Moder makes a similar chandelier that, depending on your choice of crystal, ranges from $750  to $2,598:

And finally there's a version offered by Z Gallerie that can be had for $350:


  1. This is almost eery. We're also building a modern house, going through the same price/redesign/etc as you.

    Then today I see your latest post. My wife is also fixated on the Design within Reach light!

    Your post may have just saved me a bunch of money with the alternatives :)

  2. Whoa, that is weird. I'm hoping we're not married to the (muffled gasp) same woman!!!

    I think we're going for the $750 one. In some ways, it actually looks better than the DwR one (although that one is sweet). If you live in Austin, there's a Z Gallerie at The Domain. The $350 one is a little low-rent...

  3. Kind of like (but different from) that French play where a man and a woman start chatting while riding a train. One asks where the other is from; turns out they're from the same town. The other asks what neighborhood, and they find that they have that in common as well. Which street? Me too. What number? Same. Which apartment? As they discover that they live in the same apartment, they realize they're husband and wife.