if the glove fits...

Took advantage of daylight savings time to (a) feed the worms and (b) set some flags for the footprint of the house on the lot. Have to say we are diggin’ the print. There’s a lot of yard to love: Public (up-front), guestic (in the middle), and private (in the back) (I made up that word “guestic” to mean semi-private, for the guests. Ha! And in case you are wondering, them worms are doing great! The warm winter has ‘em active [and hungry] early!).

One thing we learned from staking out the first house is that it’s darn hard to get a sense of the size of the rooms from stakes in the dirt. So here’s a tip: Compare the size of the rooms in your plan to the size of the rooms you are currently living in. That puts things into perspective real quick (and how we’ve been assessing room dimensions). Use the staking to get a sense for the size of the outdoor spaces.

The stakes are low at this point (lots of bending over), so don’t worry.

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