Austin Art Yard Tour 2012

A pal and I organize the Austin Art Yard Tour, this being the third year we've done it. Art yards are very possibly incongruent with Modern in as much as they tend to be maximalist (borderline or over-the-line hoarder...) affairs. However, there are some restrained yards (15 foot sock monkey? giant paper mache Picasso things? guillotine? teepee fire pit?) that (perhaps?) fit the Modern meme.

We, too, are yardists, known for sporting (at our old house) a prairie of (some several hundred) blue bottles and walls of license plates and large letters (primarily vowels: I loves me some vowels!). All the bottles and plates (and vowels) are presently in storage with dreams of new fields (and walls) at the new place. We haven't mentioned this to the architects yet (I've read in Cosmo that it's always good to leave a little mystery in your relationship for spice). Probably for the best, I reckon.

If you're in town, check out the tour. It's free!

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  1. I know the giant sock monkey. I do not, however, understand it.