urban inspiration: less is more in las vegas!

I was on a bidness trip last week in Las Vegas (yapping about salty water...) and just so happened to be staying downtown near the Frank Gehry. I got up early the next morning and walked down to check it out. To say the area is transitional is an understatement. I didn't feel threatened, but was certainly uneasy (a lot of shady characters walking around). Nonetheless, it was a good walk and a chance to gawk at a lot of new construction, most of it modern in design.

I'm not a big fan of Gehry's "melted office building" buildings, but peeking into the interior, I get it. The play of light coming through those melted windows is pretty darn spectacular. Perhaps the Gehry has inspired other developers since all the other new construction in the area is of a modern flavor.

I included a photo of an old wall that seems to be midcentury modern inspired (and a potential idea for a wall at the back of the property. Oh, and I had to take a photo of that nearly naked young lady associated with a hair salon (?!?!) and Mies van der Rohe's famous statement "Less is more". Not surprisingly, "less is more" means something completely difference in Vegas than in architecture...

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