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Met with Architect 2d and the Usonian Expert (not sure what else to call him, so this moniker shall stick…) earlier this week to discuss the schemes he sent us last week. He asked us to first share our thoughts about the various schemes. After that discussion, we settled in on Scheme 1a. My bride likes the front wall and how the space relates to the outdoor spaces. Although aesthetically I like Scheme 2 best, a house is a machine for living. Scheme 1a gears best into how we live.

After scheming over the schemes, most of our discussion then centered on how we would interact with the space with our vehicles. We are, unfortunately, a four-car family (yikes!), although two of the cars are very, very small and very, very cute (see attached photos. Cute!!!). Nonetheless, those little boogers need to be inside the garage. So then the questions are: Where do we park our daily drivers? and How do we approach the property in our day-to-day we-ain’t-driving–the-cute-little-car business?

One option that we’re exploring is having a garage (as shown in Scheme 1a) AND a carport (smushed up front where the garage was for Scheme 1b). Architect 2d politely (and correctly) noted that this was less efficient space-wise (covered parking for four vehicles!) and less efficient budget-wise, but we’re going to explore it nonetheless. It may be one of those things that doesn’t work out and gets catapulted during designing or during (ahem) value engineering. At the very least we look at the option and, if it gets designed and not built, we (possibly) build it in the future. Despite the small (did I mention cute?) collector cars, we aren’t fancy car people; therefore, we aren’t insistent that the cars be parked where the birds can’t poop on them.

If we park toward the front of the property, we then discussed where it makes sense to have the kitchen. Toward the front, where we will probably be parking? Or toward the back (which saves hallway/walkway space)? Hmmmmm and double hmmmmm…

Perhaps it was the aural emanations from the Usonian Expert sparked by recent solar flares, but I had dreams of cantilevered carport roofs last night (Frank did a lot of those). Cantilevers are cool (but are expensive… why’s all the cool stuff ‘spensive?). You know you got it bad when you start dreaming of cantilevers…

Speaking of the Usonian Expert, Architect 2d has brought him in to assist, which is cool. In general, I think it’s always good to have someone to bounce ideas off of and get a different perspective. In fact, Architect 2d works in a kind of architectural commune (I’m exaggerating [slightly] here for literary effect; no evidence of flowers or free love [yet]), which again I think is cool, again for the bouncing (of ideas; shame on you!).

So we wait for the next permutation of the plans which will investigate a carport and perhaps a jumbling of rooms. We shall see...

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