and the winner is...

Envelope please [insert ripping sounds, blowing-envelope-open sounds, and unfolding paper sounds here]. The winner is [insert delicate yet suspenseful pause here]: Architect 2d! [Manic applause! A well-dressed lady collapses in the front row!]

Although all the architects we interviewed could handle our project, Architect 2d is the full package of what we are looking for. A nice guy, an appreciation of (our shade of) green, an appreciation of budget, registered, a brick-and-mortar presence, reasonable fees, and no alarm bells in our interactions (thus far). Architect 2d was not one recommended by the builder, so there is a potential risk there. Nonetheless, his demeanor is similar to the others and, based on his blog, his views line up quite well with ours. And comparing the above to my thoughts in that hissy fit I threw in October, we didnt do too bad. Not to mention that 2d means 2nd in some cultures, so in that way it was perhaps ordained by my lame yet confusingly complicated numbering scheme. Plus, before making our final decision, I was able to furrow my brow and proclaim loudly 2d or not 2d. That is the question.

We meet with Architect 2d later this week to discuss the economic aspects of our project in a more serious light

(photo from Wikicommons)


  1. would LOVE to know the identities of the people you interviewed - or at least the complete list without reference to your code. Feel free to email me privately (carnochan@mail.utexas.edu).

  2. Congratulations! Somehow I missed the last three posts, so I'm getting caught up all at once.

    Wouldn't "2x or not 2x" have worked with all of the architects except 2a? 2b best of all, of course....