a place for the bubbles

We're not gotta-park-the-darn-car-in-the-darn-garage kinda folks, but we do need garage space for our bubbles, a couple of late fifties microcars often referred to by aficionados as bubble cars. The green one is a 1958 BMW (you read that right: B. M. W.) Isetta and the other one is a 1957(?) VELAM Isetta. If you've seen a Smart car, well, everything old is new again. Originally designed in Italy, BMW and VELAM licensed the design from a company called Iso (Isetta means "little Iso" in Italian). We bought the VELAM from, no joke, the heir to the Dubble Bubble bubblegum fortune who turns out to be an avid collector of bubblecars (he has quite a museum in Madison, Georgia). And, no joke, he delivered the car to our place in the back of a tractor trailer filled with bubble gum. Anyway, I digress...

Since we're talking to builders to get preliminary estimates, The Architect quickly put together a mockup of the garage/carport, and it's pretty darn cool. Plus, that shed roof will make it easy to collect rainwater. I'm thinking it needs a couple windows and maybe is a tad too big (knowing how I'm going to be using this space, I'm going to have to park my daily driver outside [the bride gets the carport]). Initially, I wasn't real keen on having part of the space a carport (a money-saving strategy...), but seeing the elevations and wanting to save and covet a large fig tree in that corner of the lot, I think this will work just fine.

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