shocking news: the electrical plan

The architects sent over the electrical plan for the house for review. But before we go there, let's note some changes to the house reflected in the plan:

There are some changes in this part of the house, namely the kitchen, pantry, and laundry. As requested, the architects changed the laundry back to what it was before after a flirtation with a built-in grill at the rest entryway. The big change in the kitchen is that there's no longer a doorway into the pantry. Instead, there's a place for a wall oven (and a microwave) and a recessed area for the fridge. Although a direct entry to the pantry is convenient, we weren't able to make it work out with the fridge and wall oven.

The other big change is the pantry. Instead of a sitting area just off the rear entryway, it's now a large storage room. Although a big open stairwell would be cool, having the added storage space is cooler. And this allows a wee sitting area on the second floor:

which should be tres cool because of the windows up there, giving the space a tree house feel.

The other change, somewhat minor, is the garage: It now has windows:

On the electric, we made comments on the placement of plugs and lights. Our comments/suggestions:

- pendants over the entries, dining room, stairway landings, and master tub (design seems to be moving away from pendants, but we like 'em).
- some more dimmers (master bedroom cans, dining cans).
- cable to the kitchen and garage (fed from the dining room).
- get rid of the land lines. We don't use one now; will people use land lines in the future?
- some more art lights
- plug under the master bathroom sinks (hope to wire up a drawer to charge stuff in a drawer instead of on a counter [wonder if the code allows this...]).
- a few more outside lights on the back of the house and garage
- more plugs on the back wall of the garage
- 220 in the garage for an electric car
- low level exhaust in the laundry for the catbox
- central wifi center?
- put the kitchen plugs under the cabinets/shelves
- timers on the exhaust fans

The architects say that things are really fix in' to take off in the next few weeks. Woo hoo!


  1. Have you thought about swapping the washer/dryer and the sink in the laundry room so the washer/dryer aren't sharing a wall with the master closet? Our designer made that suggestion for our mudroom, and thank goodness -- we can still hear the washer on the other side, but it would have been crazy loud if it was on the closet wall.

    1. Excellent point. At the very least, it needs to be sound insulated, I reckon...

  2. A couple of comments based on our experience when we built a couple years ago.
    A definite yes to in-cupboard, or behind cupboard, outlets. Our phones charge in a drawer which as an outlet strip brought in through a hole drilled in the rear of the drawer. Also, our toaster oven and coffee maker both sit on slide-out shelves, so they do not use counter-top space.
    Regarding cable, it seems that most cable companies now require a cable box for any hook-up, so bear that in mind when placing cable outlets. I had planned for a wall mounted (high) smaller TV in my garage for when I exercise but with the need for a cable box, I ended up using one of the new HD antennae. Also, cable companies are starting to offer wi-fi enabled boxes that do not need a cable outlets.

    1. You are reading my mind, 'cause I was just thinking "I need to look up on how cable boxes work." We've only ever had one cable box hooked up to one TV (if it wasn't for football, we wouldn't have cable given how little television we watch). I was also just wondering "I wonder if there are wireless cable boxes?"

      Thanks for the tips and tricks!

    2. Your electrical plan looks really poor. My suggestions is that you hire a lighting designer.

      I'm not one, I don't know one, but your kitchen and living room look remedial from a lighting point of view. All the upstairs bedrooms will have flicker like a UT apartment. Overall, this looks like a novice lighting design scheme and should make you wonder about the experience of your arch/designer.

      I doubt you heed this, you are not the kind that listen. You seem to be the type whom read and think you already know the answers, but it's your house and you're entitled to your folly.

      Also, putting your AC on the South side of your house if not green at all and terribly bad.

    3. You're not a lighting designer, but the lighting looks remedial to you. Hmmm.... I think I'll listen to the professionals.

      South side of the house is shady. Shady = green.

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