we want to be clotheslined

We kinda want a spot in the yard to have a clothesline. Clotheslines save energy, of course, but they are also somewhat romantic: sheets warmed by the sun, bluejeans that smell like the sky, skivvies billowing (!) in the wind... And this is not idealistic blubbering here: We had a clothesline at our previous house, stretched between the garage and house, and used it quite a bit. Not only would a clothesline save energy from a dryer drying (heating stuff up electrically is not very efficient), but dryers suck air from around it (expensively cooled air here in Texas), warms it up, and ejects it outside (lowering pressure inside the house which causes air to leak in from who knows where).

We think a good place for a clothesline will be in the back yard, along the driveway next to the lot line: A nice long linear area that's somewhat out of the way and awkward as to what we'd use it for. The challenge will be to design a line du clothes that looks good even without my socks hanging on it. Something that keeps coming to mind are Schindler's garden stakes at his Schindler-Chace House:

Simple and blocky. We could do something inspired by this that's more appropriate for a clothesline, perhaps something that looks like this:

They would have to be taller than a car yet short enough to hang skivvies (and whatnot). And during shindigs, they could serve as lantern holders!

There are some cool ready-made options and concepts out there...

The Alberto Clothesline:

Not exactly Modern, but clever and cute as heck:

This would be cool (if it worked...):

If you live in Arizona:

A retractable one that is easily found on the interwebs:

There's this retractable one that looks fishy:

And, of course, the classic T-post:

Here's an architect designed clothesline with an automated tensioner:

A clothesline designed by none other than Frank Lloyd Wright:

And finally, speaking of clotheslines, here's photo we took of one in Reykjavik, Iceland, a few years ago. We had been commenting all trip about how much black Icelandic females wear. That black burns through and through...

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