the plains be staked! pooper troubles...

The bride drove by the lot tonight and found the lot staked! We went later (although it was starting to get dark...) to check it out in more detail. For me, reality (as staked) is more intimate than the drawings seem. To the bride, everything seemed huge. Regardless, it was exciting to see official stakes in the ground and to "walk through the house" and the back yard and "look" out the windows.

The builder and the plumber are scratching their heads over the cubist pooper, over both the concept of a built-in tank and the cost (it ain't cheap to poop in a cube...). The plumber made a are-you-sure-you-really-want-to-do-this-here's-a-fine-pooping-alternative-that-costs-less run at us, this after the builder questioned the wisdom of having a tank in the wall. We don't mind the checking-to-be-sure, but we want that cubist pooper. Although it will be more work than screwing a commode to the floor, it doesn't doesn't seem that complicated.

Forms soon?

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