meanwhile, in this month's issue of Consumer Reports...

They have a good section on designing and remodeling bathrooms, including design tips, cost, surfaces, sinks, and poopers. A couple interesting tidbits: (1) They recommend Moen's Velocity 6320 for a rain shower head and (2) they review dual flush toilets (among other toilets). On the dualies, they recommend Home Depot's Glacier Bay (a toilet name that makes me giggle uncontrollably when I hear it...). It apparently does the best (rated 'very good') with (ahem) "solid-waste removal". The Kohler Persuade, the poopster we're looking at for two of our three does fairly well ('good' on solid-waste removal), but is not recommended.

Make sure you don't miss the sidebar on exploding toilets. Nothing can ruin your day more than an exploding pooper!

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