haiku for the book "Schindler by MAK" by MAK

get a free MAK book
when you tour three Schindler homes
one for each ticket!

When we signed up to tour the R.M. Schindler home trio whilst in Los Angeles, we got this book (two of 'em!) as part of the package. I can't say I was terribly excited to have a book forced upon us as part of the deal (especially two of 'em...), but I'm happy to report that the book is worth the fee, whether part of a touring deal or on its own. Published by MAK, the Austrian organization focused on preserving the contributions of Schindler, it's 200 pages of Schindler worship. There's a brief history of the Schindler-Chace House and use of the house through the years as well as a mind-numbing (but easily skippable) blow-by-blow of the events that have been hosted at the house since 1994. I respect (and appreciate!) that the caretakers continue the Schindler-Chace House tradition of hosting events focused on the arts, but dedicating 75 pages of the tome to it? I don't know... However, the real value is in the project-by-project summary of Schindler's works with addresses and maps so you can go street-gawk. Nice! If you go to L.A. to see Schindlers, you definitely want this book. And even if you don't, the book is worthwhile.


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