elevated interest: part 1

Got the latest-greatest from the architects on Friday: updated floor plans, updated elevations and, for the  first time, interior elevations as well as a 3-D mockup of the kitchen. It's like Christmas morning: Where oh where to begin!

Let's start with the floor plans. Not much has changed except that the washer and dryer are now on the opposite wall in the laundry room and the kitchen is a wee bit more refined:

The new plans show ceiling heights, and the master is at 9 feet (we were thinking it was 10). We're thinking about that... Given that that's about all we have to say about the floor plan, it's pretty much done!

The elevations are much more refined than the previous ones:

Looking east:

Looking north:

Looking west:

Looking south:

We think it's looking pretty good, and many of our comments on the previous versions have been considered. Check out the windows for the living room:

Hot dang, that's cool! The ones with the dashed V's on 'em are the ones that open (with the window opening in the direction of the open side of the V.

Not much to say about the elevations, again an indication that the darn things are nearly done. However, one thing that's bothered me a bit is the angled roof line for the overhang over the master bedroom door:

Call it mental illness (the aforeblogmentioned "horizontals"), but I get the jeebies when I see it. Maybe they could block the end off so it look something like this:

But I don't know. Maybe that looks goofy (and maybe it's not structurally possible). We shall ask.

Next up: Interior elevations!

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  1. YES - down w sloped overhang - booooo! Much prefer your horizontal version! Looks awesome you guys - congrats!!!!!!!