haiku for the book "Key Houses of the Twentieth Century: Plans, Sections and Elevations" by Colin Davies

photos of houses
but what is the floor plan like?
well, Bob, here it is! 

Neat book with photos, pleasant write-ups, and, the real attraction: plans, sections, and elevations for most of the key houses of last century (seems so long ago...). Arranged in chronological order, it's neat to see how floor plans changed over the years from compartmentalized to open to completely open. The write-ups include background on the history of the houses, including what happened to them later (I saw a guy post somewheres where he got into trouble for taking a photo of one of Loos's houses and he didn't know why; this book explains that the house is now the Israeli embassy. Now I know why!). Highly recommended! My only complaint: Don't leave it in the sun. However the cover is constructed, it is highly sensitive to the sun and fades. One afternoon of afternoon sun did my cover in.  :-(  

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