different housing:different power usage

Check out this graph. It shows BTUs per square-foot of conditioned space per month for our living situation over the past 10 years. Yep, that's right: I've been inputting our monthly energy bills into a spreadsheet since 2004 just for this moment. This plot encompasses three different living arrangements:

old haus: An old house built in 1886 and 1910 with no insulation in the walls and (mostly) single pane windows. Note that the biggest BTU spikes are for the winter when we use a lot of gas to keep the house warm.

apartment: A green built apartment in a high-rise; BTUs are artificially low because of cooling provided via a service that didn't allow us to include the energy costs.

new haus: The place we are in now!

Not surprisingly our new place is much more energy efficient, and perhaps maybe on par with the apartment? It will be interesting to see how this summer and winter go now that we have the HVAC working better...

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