week nine: second story framed

Whelp, we have a second story as well as roof trusses installed except over the living/dining/front entry area and rear entry/laundry/master closet area. Yet to be built are the stairs in the stairwell (we reckon they leave this until the end to keep folks from getting up there and falling out of the house [there are a lot of goofballs out there...]), several of the windows (we surmise they leave these out as convenient "doorways" into and out of the house), and the roof support over the living/dining/front entry/carport area, something that looks rather tricky.

We can really start to get a real feel for the scale of the house as well as the rooms, and we're really happy with what we feel. With most of the mass of the house framed out, we get a better sense of how the house relates to the front and back yards and the garage. For me at least, the yard feels smaller than it looked on paper. But again, it's a nice feel in how the yard relates to the house. It will be good.

Met a couple more of the neighbors. So far everyone we've met and chatted to have been real nice and happy we're moving in and building!

Updated the lo-fi time lapse over yonder if you want to see the development over time.

Looking from the garage toward the house. Can see the garage roof trusses up:

Looking up toward the second story from just outside the master bedroom. Roof trusses!

Custom card table for use during breaks:

Looking up toward the second story with the master closet in the foreground. The roof for this part of the house is not yet done:

Some bits in the trusses are pink. Breast cancer awareness month? 

Looking up toward the second story from the front of the house:

The future location of the gas line noted just outside the kitchen:

Not much happened the past week on the big cantilever:

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