the Eileen Gray de stijl table project: done!

My pal Dan finished with the table about a week ago, and it is gorgeous! Despite having the dimensions, it's a lot bigger than I thought it would be. It's quite large for an end table, but it came out great!

Dan said the paint job was tough because of the abrupt changes between the two colors and the fact the two colors were as opposite as you could get (the blackest black and the whitest white). After sitting in my car overnight, the table outgassed more than Rosanne Barr after a Terlingua chili cookoff. Felt like I had been huffing paint thinner every morning when I went to work. Decided to leave it in the car until it nearly (fully) outgassed.

Can't wait to place it in its rightful place!


  1. Nice project! Where did you got the dimension from?

    1. Essentially here: