objects in mirror are closer than they appear

The Architect surprised us at a meet-a-potential-builder meeting with a scale model of our house. Purdy darn cool! I made a made-to-scale poorly dressed me and she (and cat) to try and put things into perspective. And holy gibbering garbanzo beans: The house seems huge!

One of our (first world) struggles is understanding the size and scale of the house and rooms and whatnot. Having a little me and she (and cat) helps (note that the Isetta is not at the proper scale...).

[photos by mwah!]

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  1. Looking good!

    Your reference to (first world) struggles reminds me of what I'm pretty sure is the best thing on Twitter: First World Problems. I love the combination of cheeky social commentary and reminders, should I ever forget, of how good we have it.