cool blog: BUILD

I love love love this blog. Carefully tendered by an architectural shop out of Seattle, the good folks at BUILD, firm believers in open source architecture, share their design thoughts on everything from parapets to showers to tile. They also opine quite a bit on running a small-shop architecture firm. And while the blog is a just a wee bit pretentious (they are, after all, architects), its well thought out, well written, and often funny as hell. And they are not above poking fun at themselves and architects in general, as demonstrated by a post by Annie Choi (Dear Architects, I am sick of your shit) and Dress the Architect. Plus, they respectfully and politely respond to comments and gently but firmly address detractors. If you have a bidness and blog, this is the way to do it and build your rep. And, to top it all off, they design and build wonderful (high end) houses!

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