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While considering making an offer on our lot, we walked and drove around the neighborhood, getting a feel for potential future environs. Besides the trees and nice streets and (generally) well kept lawns, we noticed a nice Craftsman-style house going in a few blocks away (a good sign, methinked).

In addition to walking the hood, I poured through the neighborhood newsletters to learn about issues and whatnot and was pleasantly surprised to find an article about the house and its various green amenities, especially its geothermal. "Hmmmm", I hmmmmed to myself, "I hope we get to meet these folks someday."

Then, a couple-few weeks ago, I got my first comment on this blog, and it was by Devon, one of the owners of that house! Because she's a blogger via Blogger (soon to be named something else [grrrrr...]), I was able to track her back to her blog, Green House Good Life, and lo and behold it was the same Green green house a few blocks away! I devoured the blog over the course of a long weekend (If you're building or thinking of building, it's a darn good read) and thoroughly enjoyed it. Well written, informative, and helpful. I highly recommend it. It's still an active build blog as Devon and her hubs continue to polish the house (solar anyone?) and work on the landscaping. And we're so fortunate to have nice folks right around the corner to learn from (and lean on?) as we embark on our own build.

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  1. You are too kind. Thanks for the write-up! Lean on us anytime....