the modern home tour cometh

Next weekend (Feb Five) is the Modern Home Tour (seems like that should be "Homes"; I hope I bought a ticket to see more than one home...). There's an article in today's paper about one of the homes on the tour:


What's interesting about this home is that it has some of the same elements we're looking at in the home we hope to build. The photos above, also from the article, show a mega-windowed living space wrapped about a courtyard, analogous to our (currently planned) living-dining-kitchen space. Also note the kitchen with a lack of overhead cabinets and just a shelf, something else we are looking at doing. This house is different than the one we currently have plans for (for example, the tour house has much higher ceilings and a unified living-dining-kitchen area), but seeing this space next weekend will give us a sense of what ours would feel like. If the space is as cool as the photos, we're going to be happy (urban) campers!

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