design palettes

One of the many things we’ve been thinking about is our design aesthetic for the house. What materials, colors, and feels do we want? To help guide us on this adventure, we’ve chosen the theme of “icehaus” because of our love of Iceland, which fits in with our love of (emotionally) cool modern. Iceland defines a color palette of blinding white (snow), granular black (basalt), wavering orange (fire), frozen blue (sky and ice), washing grey (sky and ice), and ephemeral green (moss). Icelandic homes huddle against the elements; in their case cold, in our case heat. And Iceland is strongly embraced by the arms of Scandinavian modern.

I like having a theme because the theme acts as a filter on design choices and ties the house, inside and out, together. My bride, the engineer, rolls her eyes at this theme business. But she appreciates the direction and the fact that everything ties in across the house.

A designer-ish pal of ours suggested creating these palettes of what we’re heading toward to see how it all works and looks together. All I did was take some screen captures of the various elements we are considering and pasted them all together into one document for each room at approximate scale and relative location. I used Adobe Illustrator for the pasting, but Word would work just as well. These palettes don’t include our art, which will add a lot of pop to these rooms. But you get the idea.

Can you see Iceland in these palettes?

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