dancing with architecture: Marfa 2013

Yes, I know: We went to Marfa last year for Thanksgiving. But we had such a rip-roaring good time that we went back again (and we still feel we didn't feel as if we got a chance to see all of the town (we like to walk it). For example, we still haven't partaken of the Museum of Electronic Wonders and Late Night Grilled Cheese.

We did a vacation home by owner rental again but with a different home. The house was in the style of what I call "Modern Marfa". There isn't much in Marfa in the way of true Modern architecture. It's expensive to build Modern, and Marfa is way out in the middle of nowhere. However, there is a lot of repurposing of existing structures, including houses. Donald Judd led the way with classic Modern Marfa: Paint everything grey (or white), remove all ornamentation (or flatten it with the monochromaticy), and use nothing but gravel and minimalist furniture for landscaping. And is essentially what our house was:

Other examples around and about town:

There are some fully Modern houses in Marfa, including one we just discovered on the hill by the other (newer) water tower:

As well as some multi units going in:

And here's even a mid-century modern structure built as an apartment onto a lot with an existing, older home:

By happenchance, we discovered the dome home of the Food Shark people and found that they now have a brick and mortar restaurant (which we still need to go to...) in addition to the trailers.

The First Christian Church (1926, architect unknown) evokes Irving Gill's work: white, geometric, and little to no ornamentation.

And finally random shots of Marfa, Texas:

This is a reproduction of a Gerrit Reitveld chair at one of our favorite galleries in town, Exhibitions 2d, where the art is deliciously minimal (fitting for Marfa) and the owner, Dennis Dickinson, collects Modernist chairs. Oh jes!

Marfa Ballroom has plans to build a drive-in movie theater in town.

Marathon, Texas.

12 Gage, Marathon, Texas.

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