Modern Home Tour Austin 2012

Braved the beautiful Saturday weather here to sample some of Austin's modern architecture. Yum! (note that some exterior photos are of houses near houses on the tour)


  1. So...which one or ones are most the most your style? I dig the one with the huge cacti out front, and I tend to go more modern in the bathroom (as you may have noticed), so I find them quite lovely.

    You did a great job getting good shots without lots of tour-goers clogging up the place.

  2. The more abstract and boxy, the better. Lean toward "white modern". Love the Nana Wall (the wall of glass that completely opens) but not the $30,000 to $50,000 price tag. Love love love modern bathrooms. My bride loves the open and linear floorplan of kitchen-dining-living. Love that big blue pile of booties. Very bootyful...

    Had to be patient to get shots without the people.