floorplan evolving...

Last Friday Architect 2d sent us more detailed floor plans from our Option B choice from a week or so ago, and it's real neat to see how he fleshed out the simplified floor plan and addressed our comments.

There really isn't much for us to say: There's a lot to like here. The bump outs for the bookshelves in the living room and the sink in the half bath are clever (and the book bump will add interest to that part of the house, methinks). The bride is happy to have a peninsula in the kitchen (she shall be cocooned; the peninsula will keep dinner partiers [or partiers in general] to the stools rather than in the middle of everything). A cute little pantry makes an appearance (yay! we have a place to put our wine!). The stairs to the second floor curl around a "bonus" open square area that's prolly open to the second floor (library? sculpture display? mini-disco floor?). The laundry room is roomy. And the second floor looks grand (with the mechanical closet appropriately centrally located in the house: excellent). We can see initial thoughts on window locations and size (lots of cornerish windows!) and can also begin to see roof drainage direction with the location of parapets.

Minorish quibbles: We miss the wall in front of the house (you can see it here; this might actually be a largish quibble). We're hoping to have the oven and microwave in a wall (not sure that will work without losing the pantry or a sizable part of the pantry). A bigger window in the sink area? We are also avid grillers, so we're looking for how outdoor cooking fits in with this lay-out (not sure at this point...). I'm guessing the square footage has increased a wee bit (the floor plan looks/seems bigger).

All in all a great leap forward. We're hoping to navigate through our wacky schedules to meet with the architect this week.


  1. I'm really digging the entry and the separation of public and private spaces -- from the front door, go left to party or right to do "we live here" things. I'm tickled that you have a bump-out (bump-in?) for your AC unit like we had planned.

    The pantry -- why not enter from the kitchen side? Seems like there would be just as much shelf space (plus maybe more space for cleaning implements, etc. at the far end?) if you moved the shelves to the long wall. Please tell your architect that I said you're welcome for the suggestion. : )