modern music for a modern house: best upbeat tracks of 2016

My friend A. says I need to act my age and only listen to music from my youth like everyone else does. I'm not like everyone else. So here are my top upbeat tracks of 2016. The downbeat list is coming soon!

You can peruse individual tracks below (and read my overcaffeinated descriptions thereof) or listen to a YouTube playlist of all the tracks here.

These tracks are available (at a minimum) at iTunes or Beatport.

"Deu (Lee Bannon remix)" by MMOTHS
This track is a soft sandy beach with jutting peaks of granite, a glorius fusion of shoegazer and drum et bass. Prolly my fave of the year.

"Burn the Witch" by Radiohead
Another excellent too-moody-for-booty rock opera track by Thom and crew with impeccable timing. "This is a low-flying panic attack." Theme song for 2016?

"Preserve" by Beacon
Moody, mildly funky, and propelled forward into darkness.

"Fool" by Junk Son
Of the same ilk as the previous track but with a tasteful touch of late-80s nostalgia. Music by accountants (but cool accountants).

"Make Me Fall in Love" by Tiga
Now for some full-on electro-funk from long-time musicmaker Tiga. The bass that drops like your stomach after a three-hour Torchy's binge.

"Dreaming Dragonflies" by LeBaci
Dynamic upbeat/downbeat loungy track with a bipolar edge.

"One Time Game (feat. Jem Cooke)" by Kate Simko and London Electronic Orchestra
Jeezlouise I love moody music. This track is the gray sky behind the naked fingers of a tree reaching for Spring.

"Jonny (feat. Jonny)" by Powell
Is electroclash making a comeback? This goofy little track accurately traps punky guitar angst among the quantized goose steps of a digital work station.

"All of Us" by Fakear
There's a geisha. She's carefully raking the small, rounded gravel of her Zen garden into broad curves echoing the shores of greenery.

"Ain't No Turning Back" by Break
A wonderful Thanksgiving dinner of deep house and drum and bass with lumpy dollops of dubstep. Please pass the pepper!

"New Life" by Dennis Cruz
A stone-cold floor thumper with a touch of blues to melt the frost.

"Take It Easy (feat. Sonny Fodera) [Mat.Joe remix]" by Gershon Jackson
This is another one of those late-80s flashback tracks. This one channels the mellower side of a-ha onto modern dancefloors.

"In the Flames" by DJDS
I'm a sucker for chopped-up vocal sounds. The vocals on this track have been slap-chopped into a beautiful mush.

"Long Wait (feat. Solomon Grey)" by Dusky
Dusky keeps it chunky and thick like Gryla's Christmas stew (with yet another dash of a-ha era vocals).

"Pretty Lights (feat. Rkayna)" by Royal Blood
I love Andrew Sisters-era big band tunage and (obviously) I love electronic music, so combos of the two leave me on the ground quivering with a clothespin in my mouth to keep from chewing my tongue. This is also a happy glitch hop track to end the list. There's hope for the future, right? Right?

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