where are Austin's baby boomers?

Interesting article in CultureMap about the lack of baby boomers in Austin. About 9.5 percent of Austin's population is over 65 as compared to Tucson, Arizona, (17.7 percent) and Jacksonville, Florida, (14.2 percent; although comparing Austin to cities in Arizona and Florida, the geezer capitols of the country, doesn't seem quite appropriate).

We built our place with the plan of dying in it (I figure I'll go quite dramatically in the kitchen while making waffles), but with increased valuations and concomitant property tax increases, I'm worried. I could easily see our post-retirement monthly property tax bill on the order of $2,500 to $3,000 a month.

Yikes! That doesn't leave much in the budget for dog food (aka dinner).

Perhaps when we retire we'll cash out and build someone else...

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