a modern birdhouse for a modern house

Etsy is a wonderful place. Despite being all crafty and whatnot, there are crafters on there with impeccable design and construction skills to fabricate accessories for the most modern of environments. Our mailbox came from Etsy, as do these birdhouses:

Wanting to install a birdhouse somewhere on the "back forty", the birdhouse we chose is made by HublerFurniture:

via HublerFurniture

Simple cube with nice variation of wood in the front. The design is clever in that the top is solid (no place for water to seep in) and that the house "hangs" off of the back which is attached to the tree (or whatever you want to attach is to).

Here's what we received in the mail:

A work of art, really. Hard for me to not just place it on a bookshelf and call it a day...

Here where we wanted to install it:

This is the window above our bed. The idea is that we can see it when looking out the window.

Installing the removable back of the birdhouse to the tree:

And now with the house slid over the back:

And here it is out the window:

And there you have it! With Austin rents the way they are, we're hoping to pull in $450 a month from our first renters!

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