10ish architecty resolutions for 2020

So looking back, I see that the last time I came up with resolutions for this blog was 2017. My oh my does time fly! Since then I "retired" from one job and took another far-more-challenging-and-time-sucking position and started a food blog (I've been writing restaurant reviews for neighborhood newsletters for about 30 years; decided to go online with them [and do something with all the food photos I take!]).

Looking back on what I resoluted in 2017, I said I would (1) design the cabin (we're 90 percent done!), (2) restore the schoolhouse modern pendants (identified a local restorer but haven't activated them yet), (3) install cypress shelves in the kitchen (nope), (4) dance with architecture in Palm Springs (not yet), (5) dance with architecture in New York (did it!), (6) cut the cable (yes!), (7) finish upgrading the plugs in the house (nope), (8) build a shed (fail), (9) chair the front yard (did it!), (9) design our gravestone (nope), and (10) write a book on building a modern house (worked on it, but losing resolve...).

Things I did that weren't on any damn list included (1) getting an electric car; (2) dancing with architecture in San Francisco, Aspen, Longmont, Boulder, Houston, Santa Fe, Seattle, Detroit, Reykjavik, Grand Rapids, Washington D.C., and Newfoundland; (3) touring several Schindlers in Los Angeles and San Diego; (4) building a catio; (5) getting our house in an upcoming rotoscoped series; and (6) thinking about how poorly Modern architecture would fare during the zombie apocalypse. Oh! And I formed a band called Uma Theremin. So not too bad given the stumbles on that 2017 list.

So without further ado, here's our list for 2020:

1. finish designing the cabin (and start building it?)

After a wee rollercoaster of who-will-be-the-architect decisions the past few years, I feel good about this resolution since we are 90 to 95 percent there. It's also highly likely we'll start the build this year!

2. restore and hang the schoolhouse modern lights

This. Is. The. Year.

3. cypress shelves in the kitchen

The open shelves in the kitchen are great but have too much height and, therefore, too much unused space. Thinking about installing cypress sub-shelves to break-up the space (and get more storage!). This would also carry the cypress from the dining room/penninsula into the kitchen.

4. dance with architecture in palm springs

One of these years we're going to do this...

5. dance with architecture in berlin

I really want to see the Bauhaus in person.

Image result for bauhaus

6. upgrade the plugs

Before I die...

 7. build a shed (and clean the garage)

It was here three freakin' years ago. Here it is again.

 8. 'finish' the r.m. schindler list

Need to scan and upload the remaining Schindler designs.

 9. finish the austin architecture tab
So close yet so far not done...
 10. wire the carport for an electric car
This 110V charging ain't gonna cut it (even though it has so far...).

 11. write more on this blog
While I haven't neglected this site, I need to give it more love (as evidenced by how far behind I am on posting).

 12. sign up for green energy with the city
Austin allows residents to sign up for windpower. It costs a little more, but it supports a carbon-neutral world.

 13. buy carbon offsets for our air travel

It's time to own our carbon footprint.

14. tour the lovell health house

I just saw that it is now open for monthly tours!

stretch goals:
a. design our gravestone

Seems morbid, but with the recent passing of the bride's mother (and our spot in the New Mexican landscape staked), it seems we need to get this done.

b. write a book on building a modern house

A carry over from last year. If I drink lots of coffee, I feel more motivated!

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