from dumpster to hipster: kasita!

After living in a dumpster for a year, Dr. Jeff Wilsonan architecture prof at Huston Tillotson here in Austin started a company to design small spaces for urban (or anywhere) settings. And that brings us to Kasita, the end result of bringing dumpster-scale living to the masses.

Where it all began...

The resulting product is high-end gorgeous, high-tech, and clever as F. Tiny but spacious with a lot on punch packed into its 352 square-feet. Even cooler is that the units are designed to stack so you could build a little apartment building on a small downtown lot and then move them once you decided to do something bigger (and better) with the property.


Collect all eight!

The Kasita comes tricked out with built-in furniture (sofa, bed), a Sonos stereo system, Lutron switches, appliances (including a built-in washer/dryer combo). Nevertheless, the price is somewhat steep at $139,000 for 352 square feet not including installation/connection/tax costs. That's $400 a  foot before installation/connection/tax. Yippee-kigh-yay-yikes!

That a lot of scratch, but I hope these hometowners do well.

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